How To Fix The Top 3 Android Features That Drains Your Android Battery

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This article is recommended for all Android users that do complain about fringe of battery and later complaining your android battery is not good. Don’t say so! It because not only you face the problem. I, also face that same problem. So don’t crucify the manufacturing company of your android or the seller.

Hmmm!! when operating your android devices, have you notice it does not drain your battery that much?. But when you leave it idle or in a standby mode, it drains up to 30% of device battery like you just finish operating your device.

The three main Android features that drains your android features are:

  • Cell Standby (32%)
  • Phone idle (11%)
  • Screen (23%).
I noticed below things since I started leaving me for Android devices idle and in standby mode
  • My battery was drainage was too high than it ever had during the previous two weeks, even during idle periods.
  • My battery had consistently been draining at around 5% per hour idle until today. Now I’m seeing it drop 20% in LESS than an hour while idle and standby  (idle meaning the screen shuts off and I don’t use it).
Not to a point I went to my android Setings >> Battery and what I saw was too painful. Instead of my chrome or opera browser to be the top app hat drains battery I saw my android built in apps draining my Barret so high. And also as it drains it displays counts in front of you.
  • Cell Standby (32%)
  • Phone idle (11%)
  • Screen (23%).
But when I came to think about it, assumed this is stat on how. My battery drains. Which means
  • Cell Standby (32%)
  • Phone idle (11%)
  • Screen (23%).
Are the things that drains u and you battery.
So we shouldn’t blame or crucify the manufacturing company of your android or the seller. That is the way all devices does.
So How Do I Save My Battery While in Idle or standby mode?
Tips below helps you save your battery.
  • Always switch off your data connection when not needed.
  • If ultra power save mode is available on your android devices always activate it when ever your phone is getting idle. (available on Tecno devices/phones).
  • Always Reduce your phone brightness no matter what. Only maybe when your are in the sun and can’t see.
  • Always reboot your phone if possible to increase to Android battery Percentage(s).
I think with tips above,  you and i will be able to use your 100% battery more than 24hours

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