4 Hot Tips To Increase Uc Browser Download Speed

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UC Browser is a quick, sleek internet browser for your Android phone.

There are practically more browsers for Android phones than there are phone models themselves, but if you still haven’t found the one for you, check out UC Browser.

What it brings to the table

UC Browser has a number of features that help it stand out. For a start, the home page has a selection of quick-access links, helpfully divided into topic areas, like Entertainment and UC’s own recommendations.

It goes without saying that there’s also tabbed browsing, and plenty of tab management options. It’s also got a nice window browse function, and a bunch of options that display clearly when your hit the Menu key.

Tips to increase uc browser download speed

#1 Choose Good ISP Provider

If you are not getting good signal in your android phone that means your ISP is not good. If you are using 2G , so I suggest you to use 3G. Android mobile phone are capable for getting internet connection from wi-fi. If you wi-fi speed is too goodyou can connect your android with wi-fi and you get speed in android phone.

#2 Disable Android Apps from Accessing Internet

When you download Facebook, Google+ , Whatsapp and other android app that want your internet , slow down you internet speed. Because these type of android access your background. So when you browse the internet you speed is slow down. First I prefer you only download useful android apps. Then second step is download android firewall app for your phone.

Download Droidwall android app from google play store, this android app blocked app that access your internet data background. So you can enable or disable firewall for and specific app when you want. Make sure your phone is rooted, if your phone is not rooted these apps are not worked in your phone.

#3 Increase your Internet Speed from Android App

If you are getting good signal in androidthat means your internet speed is too good. But if you are getting bad signal you need to try some android apps, these android apps boost your internet speed and you get high-speed in android mobile.

3G Speed Booster

Price: Free

Internet Booster & Optimizer

Price: Free

#4 Use Clean Master Android App

Clean Master android app optimize your android mobile for fast performance. With this android app you can increase your phone speed. When you browse internet lots of junks, cookies , temporary file saved in your computer. With this android app you clean all bad stuff from your mobile.

#5 use
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