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Xmovies8  is an online web portal where you can watch movies online completely free without downloading. Movies of different qualities can be gotten in this platform. Enjoy your favorite movies with xmovies8.tv and get all the actions.



Just at your comfort of your room, in the car or anywhere comfortably watching the movie of your choice. Visiting the web platform xmovies8.tv and get access to lots of movies there are different features on xmovies8 which includes:

  • Cinema movies.
  • TV series.
  • Most viewed movies.
  • Requested movies.

Cinema movies: this category on xmovies8.tv has a lot of movies people watch in the cinema. Xmovies8 has made it convenient and easy for users to watch movies that are shown in cinemas online. You can just be in your house and see a movie showing in the cinema at a particular period of time. Visit www.xmovies8.tv using your mobile or pc browser and clicking on cinema movies.

Check out the current movie of your choice when you click on cinema movies menu section on www.xmovies8.tv portal. Movies cannot be downloaded from this platform. You can make it real in your house by just turning off the lights and closing your windows to create a dark environment and enjoy your cinema movie right in your house.


TV series: there are episodes of series movies you can watch on Xmovies8.tv TV series section once you click on TV series. This is located under the cinema movies on Xmovies8.tv portal you can then select any movie you would like to watch. The popular game of thrones series can be found in this category along with other trending seasonal movies.

Most viewed movies: in case you don’t know what to watch on www.xmovies8.tv you can easily click on most watched videos. This will help you see interesting movies that have been viewed the most. These movies are likely to be interesting or the trending movies in town.

More: These categories help you to know the genre, director, writer, actor, language, and country in which the movie is produced. It helps you with the full details of the movies and helps you choose your choice.

Requested movies: The choice is all yours xmovies8 has provided for you interesting and trending movies online. Movies that are not on the platform you can simply make a request for a particular movie. You can also see list of Xmovies8.tv requested movies.

You can request for a movie by typing the name of the movie you want in the search bar on the right-hand side of the portal. Click the search icon on your mobile phone or pc. You can experience more on Xmovie8.tv when you become a member.  Simply signing up for this great platform to enjoy its value added services. Follow the following process to signup.

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How to Sign Up to Xmovies8

  1. Launch your web browser on your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Enter www.xmovies8.tv into the URL space in your phone or your computer system.
  3. At the top of the portal on the right-hand side click on login.
  4. On the next pop-up screen click on join now on the bottom of the requested login information.
  5. Fill the required details and click on register.

After you have registered go back to the login page, then log in using your username and password that you filled. If you already have a page that you can save all your favorite movies which you can watch anytime when you log in to your account. You can upload any picture to serve as a profile picture for you. You can logout if you want to. Every movie on this portal are legal and contains only links to other sites on the internet which are legitimate


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