XXXTENTACION Murder Suspect Wants $15K For Forensic Expert: Report Music

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Dedrick Williams, one of the four men suspected of murdering in June 2018, is demanding $15K in order to hire a crime scene expert to prove his innocence.

The men accused of murdering are working hard to prove their innocence. Williams filed documents in court on Feb. 6th requesting money to hire a crime scene/forensic expert in his criminal case. In the doc, he explains how he doesn’t have any income nor can he afford to hire an expert.

Wiliams says a “genuine issue exists related to this case, which will require the assistance of an expert witness in the field of crime scene reconstruction and other forensic evidentiary matters.”

Williams’ lawyer argues that his client won’t have a fair opportunity at proving his innocence if he doesn’t obtain an expert to investigate the evidence in ’s murder case.


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